Sanitization tunnel

A Disinfection tunnel, Sanitization Booth, Sanitization Tunnel, Sanitation Services, Disinfecting Booth, Sanitization Tunnel Booth or Sanitizing Cabin is a low-cost acquisition, disinfection method, and operation tool that eliminates of COVID 19 (coronavirus), other viruses and bacteria from its users, thus reducing the risks of contagion among healthy people, protecting your clients and staff work and communicate your brand or association, is an excellent tool for companies, restaurants places of transit of people and more.

BENEFITS OF Disinfection Tunnel

Reduce risks of COVID-19 and safe form Covid 19 (coronavirus), other viruses and bacteria
Eliminates viruses and bacteria on the human body.
Sanitizing tunnel or Disinfection tunnel is inflatable and portable
Its system is simple, reliable and effective
A fast, easy and economical way to reduce COVID 19 risks.


Disinfection Tunnel, Sanitization Tunnel Size :
MS Fabricated Size: 12’L x 4’W x 8’H
MS Fabricated Size: 8’L x 4’W x 8’H
MS Fabricated Size: 4’L x 4’W x 8’H
We provide High Pressure Misting System in stainless steel pipe line, Sanitization Booth, Disinfection tunnel & All Sanitation Services & Sanitization Tunnel.
We provide high pressure pump working on 70-80 bar for better fog effect to sanitization. Fog nozzles in stainless steel and water droplet size in 15-25 micron.
PVC Clear Transparent Sheet on both sides for keep fog within the booth / Tunnel.
Top area of tunnel / booth covered by PP Sheet.
Heavy MS Fabricated Base Structure along with 3mm Thk. MS chequared plate to prevent easy walk in Sanitization Booth
Water Tank in Sintex along with water tank stand.
Easy to assemble, of different capacities that allow transit from 1 to 3 people, while respecting the distance of 1 meters recommended by the health department.


People enter the Sanitization tunnel/booth/cabin and the spray of the sanitation solution falls on them, disinfecting their person and belongings, eliminates up to 99% of viruses, including COVID-19. It has an industrial-grade sprinkler with a sanitation solution for all type of viruses’ crisis as well as hospitals and used in public places. This provides a safe environment for healthy people since all their belongings are disinfected and the risk of contagion minimized. This measure can be combined with the use of face masks.

Schools equipment.
Super Markets
Scenic Spots
Shopping Mall
Railway Stations
Police Station
Metro Stations

We Supply the Best Decontamination and Sanitization Tunnel

Covid19 has made us aware of how many common areas we share. Many common gathering places were caught unaware and became points from where the coronavirus spread to many people. Despite severe lockdowns, many people still need to gather at staging areas for public safety and medical care related activities.

VAI has introduced a special line of decontamination and sanitation tunnel, Sanitization Chamber, Sanitization Booth & Sanitization Tunnelproducts to cater to increased demand for ensuring the safety of the personnel who continue to work towards resolving this global pandemic. These products can sanitize a number of people in one go and larger size tunnel can even sanitize large vehicles like ambulances.

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