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Misting System Accessories

High Pressure Misting System

Misting System Accessories

Misting System Spare Parts: We at, VAI are involved in manufacturing and trading a wide range of Pump Spare Parts. These Spare Parts attain a unique identity due to its design, size, light weight and performance. It is provided with essential qualities like durable, corrosion resistance and accurate dimensions. In order to meet the international competition we are equipped using modern technologies for manufacturing.


Misting systems are a great way to cool down in hot weather, but they can also be used for a variety of other purposes, such as humidifying the air, controlling pests, and cleaning surfaces. In order to get the most out of your misting system, you need to have the right accessories.

Types of misting system accessories

There are a variety of misting system accessories available, including:


Nozzles are the most important part of a misting system. They are responsible for creating the fine mist that cools people and objects. There are many different types of nozzles available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Pumps are used to pressurize the water in a misting system. The pump needs to be powerful enough to create a fine mist, but it also needs to be energy-efficient.


Timers can be used to automate your misting system. This can be helpful if you want your system to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

Control panels:

Control panels allow you to manually control your misting system. This can be helpful if you want to adjust the mist output or the runtime.


Fittings are used to connect the different parts of a misting system. There are many different types of fittings available, each with its own purpose.

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