Misting & Humidification Nozzles

Our industry-standard mist nozzles are precision engineered to produce a high percentage of smaller than 15-20-micron sized droplets at higher pressure ranges in a cone-shaped spray. All stainless steel orifices and pins. Bodies in brass, stainless steel.

The nozzles’ ability for better atomization effectively evaporates their output even in climates with fairly high relative humidity.


These cleanable mist nozzles are available in sizes from 0.10mm to 1.00 orifices. All cleanable nozzles include an anti-drip adapter, S S Impeller Pin, Filters. This range is available in brass with a stainless steel orifice or all stainless steel design. Flow rates vary from 0.050 LPM to 0.165mm with spray patterns from 45 degrees to 85 degrees. Larger orifice sizes and different threads are also available as special order items.



Brass Body / Stainless Steel Body
Brass Orifice / S S Orifice / Ceramic Orifice Portion
Anti-drip, Stainless Steel Impeller Pin,
Thread Size 10/24 UNC.

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Misting & Humidification Nozzles Request Callback

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