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Mist Ring

High Pressure Misting System

Mist Ring

Our Stainless Steel 304 Misting Rings come in 3/8” and ½” tubing (O.D.) This stainless steel tube is rated to 1000 PSI. Nozzle risers / Spigot are available in 10/24 thread sizes duly tig welded.


A mist ring is a device that produces a fine mist of water. The mist is created by a pump that pressurizes the water and forces it through a small nozzle. The mist is then dispersed into the air, creating a cooling and refreshing effect.

Mist rings in India are often used in outdoor settings, such as patios and decks. They can also be used in indoor settings, such as spas and saunas. Mist rings are a popular way to cool down on a hot day or to add a touch of luxury to a spa experience.

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Mist Ring Configurations:

  • 4-Nozzle, 15-inch Diameter
  • 6-Nozzle, 15-inch Diameter
  • 8-Nozzle, 15-inch Diameter
  • 8-Nozzle, 18-inch Diameter
  • 10-Nozzle, 24-inch Diameter

and custom configurations available

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Accordion Sample Mist ring works with any of our Mid and High pressure misting pumps of up to 1500PSI. Our stainless steel mist fan ring is our best-selling misting fan accessory for outdoor cooling and misting fans.Description

Any ordinary fan, regardless of its size, moves hot air from one location to another. By adding mist, the same fan will now circulate significantly cooler air throughout the area. By adding Stainless Steel Mist Ring in front of your existing fan, refreshingly cool mist will be released into the air.