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Mist Line System

High Pressure Misting System

What is Mist line system?

Mist Line System is a system that pushes water through several tiny nozzles with the use of high-pressure pumps. The system helps to reduce the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air.

Depending on the application, installing a mist line system may be necessary for a number of reasons.

Based on the requirement of the cooling, the shape of nozzles can vary, as the small nozzles produce finer mist whereas, bigger nozzles produce coarser mist.


A mist line system is a type of misting system in india that uses a series of tubes to deliver a fine mist of water. The mist is created by a pump that pressurizes the water and forces it through the tubes. The tubes are typically made of plastic or metal, and they are arranged in a grid pattern.

The pump in a mist line system forces the water through the tubes, creating a fine mist. The mist is then distributed evenly throughout the grid pattern. The mist evaporates quickly, which helps to cool the air and humidify the environment.

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Mist Line System

    Stainless Steel Mist Line Key Features:

  • Our Stainless Steel 304 Mist Line comes in ½” and 3/8” tubing (O.D.).
  • Stainless Steel 316 Spigot of thread size 10/24 UNC.
  • Spigot duly TIG welded.
  • Exhaustive Testing.
  • Rust Preventive.
  • All Stainless Steel Line duly polished.
  • Stainless Steel Line duly hydro tested.
  • This tube can be bent with a standard tube bender.
  • Spacing between nozzles can be one of our standard spacing or custom spacing.
  • Standard spacing are (inches): 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, 48

Nylon Tubing Mist Line:

VAI nylon tubing, mist fan and Ferrule Connector fitting assemblies are the ultimate in convenience and versatility when used as part of the misting system design. The easy assembly allows for a quick and simple installation reducing the time and money associated with labor costs.

    Nylon Tubing Mist Line Key Features:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • Reduce time and money
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Available in 3/8” flexible nylon tubing
  • 3/8″ tubing is available by the foot in various lengths.
  • Fitted with stainless steel 304 ferrule connector is desired spacing.

Advantages of Mist Line System

Cooling :

when the climate is hot / dry , mist line system helps to cool down the environment, making it a comfortable place.

Humidity control :

The system aids in regulating the air's humidity, which can be especially useful in arid climates or in the winter when interior heating can cause the air to become dry.

Dust suppression :

The mist can help to settle down the dust in the surrounding air.

Insect control :

The mist is a great alternative for outdoor parties and gatherings because it can help keep insects away, especially mosquitoes and flies.

Energy efficiency :

The misting system is a more environmentally friendly choice beca use it requires substantially less energy than conventional air conditioning systems.