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High Pressure Misting Pumps

High Pressure Misting System

We are offering various types of High Pressure Motor Pumps. Used when large amount of misting is required for cooling and humidification applications.

High Pressure Misting Pumps

    Generally, there are two mist pump options available for high pressure misting systems. These include:

  • 1000 psi water pump
  • 1500 psi water pump

If you invest in a 1500 psi misting pump, you don’t have to worry about low operational performance. Though the pressure of the system is reduced by each additional nozzle but even then, your pump will still be operating between the 1000psi to 1200psi range. High operational performance of the system has a huge impact on the quality of mist produced. With a pump operating between 1000 and 1200psi, you will be able to enjoy ultra-fine mist which evaporates faster and efficiently. And this helps keep your surroundings cool without any wetness on the floor.

So, if you want to enjoy super fine mist and flash evaporation, then consider installing a 1500psi pump. It will cost you a couple of extra bucks but it will surely be worth it. A 1500 psi water pump can help you keep your surrounding unbelievably cool with no wetness.


Misting pumps are used to create a fine mist of water. This mist can be used for a variety of purposes, including cooling, humidifying, and pest control.

India is a major manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of misting pumps. There are a number of Misting Pumps companies in India that specialize in the production of misting pumps, and they offer a wide range of products to choose from.

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Misting Pump Model Flow Rates in LPM PSI Pressure Bar RPM K.W. HP Drive
VAI-0.50 0.50 1000 70 1440 180W .25 Direct
VAI-1 1 1000 70 1440 360W .50 Direct
VAI-2 2 1450 100 1440 0.55 1 Direct
VAI-4 4 1450 100 1440 1.5 2 Direct
VAI-6 6 1300 90 1440 1.70 2 Direct
VAI-8 8 1015 70 1440 2.25 3 Direct
VAI-11 11 1015 70 1440 2.25 3 Direct
VAI-21 21 1160 80 1440 3.75 5 Direct
VAI-21 21 1450 100 1750 3.75 5 Direct
VAI-30 30 1450 100 1450 5.62 7.5 Direct
VAI-50 50 2180 150 1450 11.25 15 Direct


The heart of any high-pressure misting system is the misting pump. The pump fuels the system by forcing water throughout the lines and nozzles at a high enough pressure that allows the water to atomize as it passes through the nozzles and into its surrounding environment

Using a pressurized pump, misting lines installed with specialty nozzles and water, a misting system pump pushes the water through the lines and nozzles to atomize the water to create micro-droplets that fill the surrounding area.