What is Dry Fog Dust Suppression System?

A dry fog dust suppression system is a technology used in industrial and commercial settings to control and reduce the amount of dust particles in the air.

This technique works by dispersing a mist of tiny water droplets into the air, where they link with the dust particles and make them heavier, forcing them to fall to the ground.

Since worries about air quality and worker health and safety have grown in recent years, these systems have grown in popularity.

VAI is a leading dust suppression systems manufacturer in India.

Dry fog dust suppression systems are broadly classified into two types:

High pressure system :This system employs high-pressure pumps to create fine water droplets that are then discharged into the air.

Ultrasonic system :This system generates fine water droplets using ultrasonic technology. Water is driven through a small nozzle and subjected to high-frequency vibrations, which break it down into fine droplets.

Benefits of Dry Fog Dust Suppression System

  • Improves Productivity
  • Saves Cost
  • Enviornment Sustainability
  • Improves Air quality & Airflow
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improves visibility & reduces risk of accidents
  • Saves water usage
  • Extending equipment lifespan
  • Protecting workers health & safety

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Why Choose us ?

• Efficiency :Particularly successful at reducing dust, especially in locations where more conventional treatments might not work.

• Cost effective :Help you save money on operational expenses over time by using less water and requiring less frequent equipment maintenance and replacement.

• Enviornment Friendly :Enviornmentally sustainable and reduces waste.

• Durability :Equipment made to last and is capable of withstanding the rigorous circumstances found in industrial and business settings.

• Good customer support :A good customer support system, including maintenance and training to make sure the system is operating at its best.

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How Dust Suppression Systems Works


Systems for suppressing dust with dry fog are very successful at doing so. It has been demonstrated that they can cut dust levels by up to 90%.

Yes, dry fog dust suppression systems can be used indoors to control dust and improve air quality.

Compared to conventional water sprays, dry fog dust suppression devices use substantially less water. The size and design of the system have an impact on the precise amount of water consumed.