• Portable Misting Fans

    Portable Misting Fans To Beat The Summer Heat!

    Especially in North India, the dry and gloomy summers stay longer than the windy winters. So to make your summertime a fun time, we have something great for you.

    This time, we present the mist fans, which will provide you with optimum cooling and are super budget-friendly. So to facilitate your work and minimize your hustle in finding a perfect mist fan for yourselves, we have enlisted the best ones below as some of the options.

    A Misting Fans blows water into the air recurrently, and this water, in turn, helps to cool down the surrounding air as it keeps evaporating. These fans seem like tiny innocent fans, and this is truly an insightful innovation in a reduced energy cooling fan amongst all the available fans. Before you plan to purchase a Misting Fans, you may have a look at the following best options available in the market in the present scenario :

    ● Deluxe Cooling Misting Fans

    The O2Cool Deluxe Mist cooling Fan is your instant and unique cooling solution on a hot and humid summer day. It is supposedly the most compact model available around, featuring a length of fewer than 5 inches and blades 3 inches in size. It comes with an inbuilt loop that attaches to a belt loop or a purse strap. Or, it can be easily slid into the pocket of your pants or backpack. This makes it handy and easy to go to as a summer partner. It features a 7-fluid ounce reservoir with a wide opening for adding ice cubes and comes equipped with two AA batteries for use at a picnic, campsite, or sporting events.

    ● Hand fan Portable Misting Fans

    If you're in search of a portable mist fan, the HandFan Handheld Misting Fans is just the right product for you, and it's a must-have. It features a small, ergonomic handle with a foldable hinge that makes it easy to fit the fan into your bag. The fan also consists of a 17 ml water tank from which the nozzle draws water. There's also a lower foldable part with an extendable stainless steel leg. This allows us to rest the fan on its handle and slightly elevate it when positioned 180 degrees flat.

    ● High-Pressure Misting Fans "MobiCOOL"

    This is a stand-alone, high-pressure, low-noise Misting Fans for outdoor cooling. This features a built-in pressurization system, MOBI-COOL, which can mix atomized water into the airflow, thus creating a cooling and soothing effect all around in the air.

    Finally! With this product, we get to enjoy a calm and relaxing summer outdoors as well, and that too without any fixed installations. This is just too easy and user-friendly. MOBI-COOL is a particular fan, quiet, practical, fully autonomous with a high capacity water tank that guarantees from 3 up to 5 hours of autonomy.

    MOBI-COOL is quiet, its electrical QES motor and pump are noiseless, less than 55 DB noise emission, all thanks to the low consumption technology designed for applications in the environment that require lower noise emissions.

    ● High-Pressure Misting Fans "iCooler."

    I-COOLER is also a stand-alone, portable, high-pressure, low-noise Misting Fans suitable for outdoor cooling. It has a unique built-in pressurization system; I-COOLER can mix atomized water into the airflow. Thus, it provides a cooling effect all around.

    I-COOLER is a particular fan, quiet, practical, fully autonomous with a high capacity water tank that guarantees five up to 10 hours of autonomy.

    I-COOLER is quiet. Its electrical QES motor and pump are noiseless, with less than 55 DB noise emissions, thanks to this low consumption technology designed for applications in the environment requiring low noise emissions.


    To wrap up, Finally! Enjoying a cool summer outdoors has become easy and comfortable without any fixed installations. A Misting Fans instantly cools the surrounding area by evaporating a small jet of water droplets around it. So to ensure relaxing and cool summers, check out the options of Misting Fans introduced above. Happy Summers to all the readers!